7 Best Beer Spots in Bruges

Bruges was established in medieval times, and has a strong history intertwined with beer establishments. There are modern beer and pizza joints, to satisfy students and backpackers. Bruges has bars in cellars of the historical architecture, and bars in landmarks over 500 years old. Charming, current and friendly beer establishments with a complete tour, and a lecture on the the history of Belgian Brew appeal to tourists and academics. Whether interested in the rich history of the Belgian brewing processes, or simply enjoying a craft beer, there is a bar in Bruges for every taste.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are many spots to get a beer in Bruges, but here is a list of the top places to go.
  • Bruges is home to many people who enjoy finding the best beers as a hobby.
  • Beer is a popular drink, especially in Bruges, and there are lots of people who enjoy it there.

“A visit to the medieval city of Bruges is simply not complete without having sampled a good few litres of local Belgian beer.”

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