About The Belgian Brewer…

As a young man, I was always fascinated with beer… but unlike some of my friends I was more interested in quality instead of quantity!
Growing up in Belgium, I was lucky enough to have a number of local bottle shops and pubs, all stocking a range of traditional beers for me to try… and try I did! Over the years grew to appreciate the complex flavours and aromas of Belgian beers, and would often visit Breweries to discuss brewing methods with experienced brewers.
But when I was 21 i moved to England, and was surprised with the lack of availability of Belgian beers, nor could I find the flavours I was looking for in the traditional English ales. This left me just one option...Learn to make my own!
Roll on a number of years, and the opportunity arose to rent a small brewery near to my home in Hertfordshire. I partnered up with a close friend, and overnight The Belgian Brewer became a reality!
Now you too can enjoy top quality Belgian Style Beers, brewed to traditional belgium methods, here in the UK.

Copyright by Foamology Ltd (trading as The Belgian Brewer)