Ask Kate About Beer: What beers pair best with spicy food?

Beer pairings can make or break a meal, but it’s important to remember that although these pairings have standard guidelines, they are completely subjective. Overall, people should drink what they like. But, from an expert perspective, there are a few rules to follow. When it comes to the general pairing, it’s important to match the intensity of the food with the intensity of the beer. Flavor profiles should also match, for example, a slightly saltier beer may be better with a saltier meal like seafood. On top of that, if the food is spicy, it’s better to go with a lower alcohol percentage of beer, since the amount of alcohol amplifies the heat.

Key Takeaways:

  • The single most important aspect of matching beer with food is to match their intensities.
  • To start pairing beer with food, it’s best to go over the flavor profiles, matching similar flavored beer with similar flavored food.
  • Avoid high alcohol content beers when pairing with spicy foods since the amount of alcohol amplifies the heat.

“If I’m home and cooking dinner for myself and my partner, I could choose any style my liquor store has. So what’s the best one to look for?”

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