Best Belgian Beer Bars in Brussels

The European city of Brussels has a very rich and expansive culture, and its beer bars are no different. There are various styles of beer establishments, from formal, close and intimate, modern and friendly, traditional and reliable; in this wonderful city there is a perfect atmosphere to enjoy your favorite brew. Whether you want a low, high, spontaneous, mixed or other process style of brewing, the scope of the Brussels brewed offerings is sure to encompass all of your wants.

Key Takeaways:

  • Beer is a popular drink in Brussels, and many enjoy hunting down the best in the city.
  • There are bars in Brussels that focus on only serving the best beer.
  • There are people who come to Brussels to sample the best beers because that is their hobby.

“When visiting Brussels, there’s little excuse to not pay a visit to some of the city’s fine drinking establishments to enjoy the best that the nation has to offer.”

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