Brasserie Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella 1983

Beer is something that can be found anywhere. Aged beer brewed specifically in different countries for export to others around the world has special qualities in it. Grand Cru Bruocsella is the specific type of beer featured and appears to be a favorite. In this instance, the variety tasted here is one that aged over thirty years and surprised the beer connoisseur. The individual introduced other people to this beer and they’ve not gone back to others they used to drink in favor of this one. It is generally only found through specific beer festivals and only the rarer variations are featured in those festivals. This type of beer isn’t mass produced and therefore can only be discovered by true iambic aficionados.

Key Takeaways:

  • People are interested in drinking old and traditional beers for fun.
  • One type of traditional and old beer is a lambic beer, which people enjoy.
  • There is a community of people who enjoy drinking and trying aged beers.

“Grand Cru Bruocsella, or GCB as it sometimes known for short, is composed solely of lambics from the same brewing season, aged in oak barrels for three years.”

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