Celebrating beer like a German

Oktoberfest is a 209 year tradition with humble beginnings as a wedding celebration for Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese in the field of Munich. Fast forward to today, and you will see nearly 7 million visitors from around the world celebrating in the very same location. Large and small beer tents pepper the fields serving nearly 2 million gallons of beer throughout the 2 week long festival. In addition to delicious beer, patrons will not be disappointed with the variety of local food fare to indulge in either.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bavaria’s famed Oktoberfest celebration brings in roughly seven million people annually.
  • The six official Oktoberfest beers are all locally brewed in Munich, and are typically served in liters.
  • The first Oktoberfest was held in celebration of an 1810 royal wedding, and the tradition quickly caught on.

“The numerous beer tents, both large and small, tap close to 2 million gallons of beer through the festival, but as we found out, this is more than just a beer guzzling party and was not nearly the mosh pit we had expected, even when arriving in the 10th hour of Thursday’s drinking for many of these folks.”

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