Conscious choices: an ethical trip to Ghent, Belgium

Belgium’s third largest city, Ghent, is becoming a haven for eco-friendly tourists. In the past, the city has been known as a liberal playground, and this mindset has blossomed into a socially and environmentally conscious economy. There are several vegan cafes, organic markets, and even environmentally friendly fashion boutiques. Overall, the nearly 50,000 students in Ghent give the city a relaxed feel, and it reflects in the chill nightlife. Overall, if you are looking for a socially conscious vacation, Ghent may be the best destination.

Key Takeaways:

  • Putting focus and resources into locally grown goods is a worldwide movement
  • Younger generations have developed into less selfish and more caring individuals
  • Ethical labor practices also factor into driving success in local handmade shops

“Ghent has long been known for its student population and left-wing politics, but increasingly it is developing a reputation for socially conscious, eco-friendly food and shopping.”

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