Cooking with Beer: Embrace Fall Flavors

Fall signifies a time to go low and slow and have a pot of something brewing on the stove. Adding beer to a dish seems to be the perfect complement to any dish int he fall. Marinating beef short ribs overnight, along with seasonings such as garlic, thyme, and bay leaves is the perfect start to this dish that is then simmered in two more bottles of beer. The beer adds a level of richness to the dish, and makes for a robust gravy for serving. You can also replace the vinegar with beer in a vinaigrette salad dressing. You can create different tastes with different beer types.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure to gather all of the ingredients on the list to re-create this delicious meal
  • Following the instructions in the correct order will ensure the success of your cooking venture
  • There are many recipes that utilize more non-traditional methods such as Dutch ovens and instant pots

“Justin Wright and Justin Kruger, a.k.a. “Two Fat Justins,” have created recipes to make your autumn a little more vibrant.”

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