English Beer Culture is Underrated: Here’s Why

To discuss the English beer culture, you need to discuss patriotism, which can be a minefield. English patriotism can be boiled down to pride in England’s unique culture, which includes a lot of good beer. For some reason, English beer has a reputation in America for being flat and tasting bad, but that is not the truth. England has a lot of old cask ales with a long history. But English pubs are what makes English beer culture so special.

Key Takeaways:

  • English patriotism is mostly just pride in the uniquely English culture.
  • English patriotism should not be linked with the far-right, the far-right has just hijacked patriotism to serve their own ends.
  • English beer got a reputation in America for being terrible, and that reputation stuck.

“One of the most baffling things about England is the discussion that surrounds patriotism. This has never been an issue for any of the other countries that make up the United Kingdom.”

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