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Guided Brewery Visits

Guided Brewery Visits

Brewing Belgian Style beer is not easy. Belgian beers get their flavours from the malts and fermentation management. Although we light hop our beers are never very hoppy. In order to achieve these characteristics a lot of process control is in place. During your visit we will show you what is involved. You will be able to taste all our beers we have in stock and when feasible we will let you compare pre and post release samples. We will go into detail on why our beers vegan friendly.

The tour lasts around 45 minutes. After the tour you can enjoy a complimentary 1/2 pint on draft or one of our small bottles. In case you are the designated driver you can take a small bottle of your choice home. 
Tours are in small groups, up-to 6 people. If you like to come with a bigger group use the contact form so we can allow more time for your private event. 

Brewery Vists details: 

  • Walk through the brewery
  • Detailed explanation of our brewing process
  • Tasters of all our beers we have in stock
  • Comparison between final product and unfinished beer (if we have any fermenting or conditioning)
  • Complementary 1/2 pint on draft or 330ml bottle 

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  1. Went to your beer tasting evening at Hand Made Kitchens show Room highly recommend both the beers and the kitchens also looking forward to a tour of the brewery. Lee

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