How to Build a Perfect Pub

Pubs have always been a town staple. When selecting a pub, most people don’t look for a sleek place to drink. Instead, they gravitate toward basic meeting spots that offer a homey feel. Michael Kora followed such guidelines when he opened up his pub, Montavilla Brewery in Portland, Oregon. His business offers a rotating menu of traditional beers rather than the latest trend. He has also worked in his other love, music, into his pub by giving musical names to his drinks.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is very important to distinguish your pub by carrying some exotic beer options.
  • The pub should be designed to almost feel like a place where your neighborhood can gather together. It should be very comfortable for all of your customers.
  • Look into playing some music in your pub as it brings a unique experience to everyone.

“He found a great building that had formerly been an auto body shop and turned it into a gracious space built around the brewery, which is at the front of the building.”

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