Three companies are coming together to reduce the amount of food waste that is produced by Halloween events. Last year’s seasonal waste ended up resulting in 18,000 tons of food being thrown out. The company trio has developed a new beer that is made from the surplus of pumpkins left over from the Halloween season. The pumpkins will be collected by the Gleaning Network by the Feedback company and then distributed so that they can be used in the brewing process.

Key Takeaways:

  • A company called The Gleaning Network will collect any leftover pumpkins so that they can redistribute surplus.
  • The proceeds from any beer purchases will be donated to Hubbub, which will help contribute to fixing the food system.
  • These precautions will help reduce the amount of food waste this Halloween season, unlike last season which accumulated 18,000 tons of waste.

“To raise awareness and celebrate solutions to the scary amount of seasonal food waste, Toast Ale, Hubbub, and Brewdog Tower Hill Outpost are collaborating to toast to a less wasteful Halloween.”

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