It’s official… CAMRA says this is Real Ale!

We are very proud to announce that our beers have been certified by CAMRA as Real Ale in a Bottle (RAIB).

As many of you will know, all our beers are naturally bottle conditioned and as a result, have a small amount of live yeast in each bottle – this is critical to obtain RAIB accreditation by CAMRA.

Why Bottle Condition?

Bottle conditioned beers produce a more pleasant (fine and soft) carbonation, the remaining yeast consumes oxygen in the bottle’s headspace, and develops character over time. Just try one of our wheat beers, pour 2/3rd of the bottle into a large glass, swirl the last 1/3 and add~ to the glass. Yes, it will get cloudy but for us, it adds to the flavour. Personally, that’s what real ale is about, the total flavour package.

Now that we’re certified we are upping the ante, as we can now participate in the Champion Beer of Britain 2019 competition. To be in with a chance to win, we need your help to nominate our beers to progress into the judging phase. Your nomination would gain us invaluable feedback and allow us to further improve our beers for you.

To nominate, you will need to be a CAMRA member. Register here for your membership and the chance to vote for The Belgian Brewer.

Already a CAMRA member, then you know what to do, head over to the Champion Beer of Britain 2019 competition page and select ‘national beers’, then search ‘The Belgian Brewer’ to nominate your favourites.

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