It’s time to give saisons some much-deserved love

Light beers that are brewed in the summer months are often of the saison variety. Saison beers consist of a spicy yet fruity flavoring that is ignited by its natural yeast. Gilman Brewing Co. in Berkeley offers about a dozen different saison products brewed right in an old-school barrel. They use fermenting methods that do not include Brettanomyces, and they also add fruits such as plums, cranberries, blackberries, and peaches. Three of these saisons are currently on the tap.

Key Takeaways:

  • Saison creates a mix of flavors that are both spicy and fruity. This mix is brought on by the yeast it contains.
  • Pond Farm offers two different versions of saison, and these are Saison Automne and Sgt. Peppercorn’s Strawberry Saison.
  • A business located in Berkeley called Gilman Brewing Co. has twelve different saisons, some of which are of French and Belgian styles.

“Wells suggests that newcomers to the style watch for various markers of a good saison — a dry, fully fermented beer with a crisp finish and a range of flavors including rich grains, pepper and stone fruit.”

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