Launch Event and Brewery Open Day

The Belgian Brewer is proud to announce a ‘Brewery Launch Event’ at their new location in Bishop’s Stortford.


The story of The Belgian Brewer….
A chance encounter beginning with a John Lewis contractor – Nik (The Belgian) choosing to sit in the empty seat behind a John Lewis Partner- Scott (the not so Belgian!).
After several months of them exchanging just pleasantries, “good morning”, “good morning”, “good weekend”, “yes very nice thank you”, Scott was getting ready for a few drinks after work and from his bag pulled out some homebrew. Nik at this point got more animated than Scott had ever seen him. Nik was excited to learn that there were other people at JL who shared his passion for brewing and they finally got chatting about more than just the weather! Turned out, they would become very good friends over the coming months, each sharing their beers, knowledge and interest. Roll on 18 months, and after meticulous planning (Nik is a process man), hours of testing and analysis (Scott does advanced analytics), they came up with a perfect plan… create a brewery with a ‘real’ point of difference – sell Belgian style beers, brewed to traditional methods in the UK (luckily Nik happens to have several family recipes of exceptionally good beers).
Now the only question was where would we find a location for such a unique offering?
Well, they didn’t look very far as they chose Nik’s home town of Bishop’s Stortford.
Scott, although a fair distance from Stortford, agreed that a town as big as that needed a brewery the locals could call their own.

So, on the 18th Jan 2019, they got the keys to the new brewery…. I say brewery, at that point it was an empty unit.
But after lots of council applications, licensing agreements, HMRC notices and lots of expense, the brewery finally became a reality.

They are now planning their big launch event over Easter weekend. So come down any day from Friday 19th April – Sunday 21st April to meet the brewers, see the brewery, have free tastings, and of course buy beer by the glass or by the bottle to take home.

Food will also be available to purchase from the secret sausage shop man over the weekend.

Reserve your free space now at eventbrite


  1. Hi Mr B-B

    My friend and I are at a loose end tomorrow 4-5.30

    Please may we try some beers and have a look around

    I bumped into you the other day when you were delivering to the Bishop’s Cave and we said hello

    I’m a fellow brewer (I brew from grain at home) and am friends with Darren Lawrence

    I’d love to try a few brews if you are open. I have one of your beer mat promotions

    Was hoping to be at Oktoberfest in Hertford on Saturday but it’s looking like I won’t be able to make it

    That’s why I wanted to check that you were still open tomorrow and if you are doing a tour

    Please feel free to ring if you like on 07716 996301

    Kind regards

    Nathan Collins

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