Looking after your Belgian Brewer’s beer.

Belgian Style Beers are often highly carbonated to aid the release of their deep and intense flavours. Our beers are no different, typically carbonated between 2.4 and 3 volumes of C02.

Let it settle

Our beers contain natural yeast. During transportation the yeast may be disturbed, making the beer more cloudy. This is absolutely normal, but it is best to leave your beer for a day or two to let it settle.

Chill 6 to 8 °C

Cold beer will naturally aid absorption of C02 gas. Failing to chill the beer will result in excessive foaming.

Keep upright

It is best to keep your bottle upright, but If you have to lay it down to chill, the yeast may disperse making the beer cloudy. There is nothing wrong with with this, but some people prefer their beers clearer. We do not use animal based or chemicals to clarify the beer so you will always have some yeast in your glass.

Pour slowly

Our beers are well carbonated. Pouring slowly will leave the yeast in the bottle and keep the beer in the glass.


Enjoy your beer in a traditional Belgian Style Tulip glass if you have one, if not, use a large wine glass – the next best thing to release the full aromas from the beer.

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