Belgian Brewers Christmas Gift Bag (X2)


2 x Summer Blond (330ml)  5.8% ABV, 2 x  Strong Blond (330ml) 7.4% ABV,  2 x Wheat (330ml) 6.5% ABV, 2 x Pale Ale (330ml) 5.6% ABV, 2 x Dubbel (330ml)  7.5% ABV, 2 x Tripel (330ml) 9.5% ABV

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This selection box contains the of the following:

Two Gift Bags

Beer Mats

12 Classic Beers

Each gift bag will need to be put together before it can be gifted.

Blonde Beers

2 x Summer Blond (330ml)  5.8% ABV

Our summer blond has the aroma of orange blossom and a gentle citrusy flavour,. Lightly carbonated, lots of body and low bitterness make this a lovely summer beer

2 x  Strong Blond (330ml) 7.4% ABV

This blond is a lot stronger than you will give credit for. Easy to drink, low bitterness and fuity hints from the hops make this beer the ideal companion with heavy meat dishes, rich cheeses or spicey dishes.

2 x Wheat (330ml) ABV 6.5%

A fusion of coriander, orange peel and the natural sourness from the wheat, makes this a light, refreshing, and crisp beer with a slightly tart dry finish.

2 x Tripel (330ml) 9.5% ABV

Our Signature Beer –  This Tripel has a sweetness on the nose which is perfectly balanced with refreshing hints of orange peel and gentle notes of coriander on your palate. It’s full bodied and is our strongest beer, yet a little too easy to drink!

Dark(er) Beers

2 x Pale Ale (330ml) 5.6% ABV

A light and toasty, easy to drink session ale, with hints of nutmeg, caramel and a long smooth delicious malty finish.

2 x Dubbel (330ml)  7.5% ABV

This premium Dubbel has a rich chocolatey nose with a dash of toasted barley. It carefully draws out the complexity of the demerara on to your palate. Aged for a number of weeks but holds its fresh and vibrant finish.