Belgian Brewers Selection 16 (330ml) 6SB2S3P3D2RB


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This selection box contains the of the following:

Blonde Beers

6 x Summer Blond (330ml)  5.8% ABV

Our new summer blond has the aroma of orange blossom and a gentle citrusy flavour,. Lightly carbonated, lots of body and low bitterness make this a lovely summer beer.

3 x Saison (330ml) 6.7% ABV

The light floral and honey notes of this beer make it taste closer to a refreshing lager. It still has a relatively high abv, so don’t be fooled by its clean and crisp finish.


Dark(er) Beers

2 x Pale Ale (330ml) 5.6% ABV

A light and toasty, easy to drink session ale, with hints of nutmeg, caramel and a long smooth delicious malty finish.

3 x Dubbel (330ml)  7.5% ABV

This premium Dubbel has a rich chocolatey nose with a dash of toasted barley. It carefully draws out the complexity of the demerara on to your palate. Aged for a number of weeks but holds its fresh and vibrant finish.

Fruit Beers

2 x Raspberry (330ml)  (6.5% ABV)

Packed with distinctive and explosive natural raspberry aromas, this beer is like no other – allow your palate to relish in the bold complex fruitiness, balanced with a deliciously long dry and tart finish.