Belgian Brewers Selection 24 (330ml)


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This selection box contains the of the following:

Blonde Beers

6 x Saison (330ml) 6.7% ABV

The light floral and honey notes of this beer make it taste closer to a refreshing lager. It still has a relatively high abv, so don’t be fooled by its clean and crisp finish  – it’s definitely smarter than your average beer!

6 x Blond (330ml) 4.5% ABV

A light, refreshing and crisp beer with a slightly citrusy finish.

6 x Wheat (330ml) ABV 6.5%

A fusion of coriander, orange peel and the natural sourness from the wheat, makes this a light, refreshing, and crisp beer with a slightly tart dry finish.

Dark(er) Beers

2 x Pale Ale (330ml) 5.6% ABV

A light and toasty, easy to drink session ale, with hints of nutmeg, caramel and a long smooth delicious malty finish.

2 x Quadruple (330ml)  10.5% ABV

Complex fruity aroma, which is balanced with the light bitterness from the hops. With hints of dates, figs and plums, it has a nice warmth to it and has a distinct residual malty sweetness.

Fruit Beers

2 x Cherry (330ml) 7.5% ABV

A deep crimson beer, naturally coloured from the whole cherries in the fermentation process. It has a long dry slightly soured finish with unsurprisingly ripe cherry notes on the nose. This beer shouts magnificence at its best!