Russian River Brewing uses Tsurumi aerators to uniquely treat wastewater, help recycle

A brewery in California is addressing one of the ecological problems associated with brewing. During the brewing process, various elements are added to the wastewater used to create beer. The additions cause an increased oxygen demand, and can harm the environment when the water is released. Russian River Brewing is using two special aerators to add oxygen to the water, and to break down the chemicals in it. This innovative process greatly reduces the negative impact on the environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Santa Rosa, California, is home to one very well-known brewery, that’s been around for more than two decades and is the recipient of many brewing awards.
  • Having a system in place to pretreat sewage is an essential component to opening a brewery.
  • Equalization and sludge holding tanks are absolute requirements to have in place for a sewage pretreatment system.

“Breweries average 3 gal of wastewater for every gallon of beer produced. The brewing process contains alcohol, sugars and proteins that are a byproduct within the wastewater, which greatly increases the biochemical oxygen demand.”

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