Sustainability has always been important to me. From the get go I invested in a large bottle washer and started a return scheme for our big bottles with the swing tops. The challenge is that the cleaning and sterilising has to be more efficient that buying new bottles. Since starting out we received well over a thousand big bottles back! Which is amazing!

Reusing small bottles has been impossible due to the high cost of cleaning and sterilising. However with new technologies and an increase in the cost of glass, it’s been made possible to achieve a positive impact on the environment and it gives a small return on investment.

For the big swing top bottles we give £0.50 off your next purchase, however to give £0.05p back on a small bottle would cause a significant challenge in giving back change and cash management as such. Therefore I have decided that for each bottle that goes through the bottle washer, I will add 5 pence to a fund. The fund would make regular donations to local Charities.

Small bottles Brands we accept back: Duvel, Kasteel, St Feuillie, La. Chouffe, Bortnem, Vedette, Waterloo and many other.

How to return your bottles.

When we are open to the public you can leave the bottles in one of the boxes outside the brewery or when we are closed you can add them to the black trunk in front of the brewery. If you want to return big bottles and you like your £0.50 to be donated to charity you can leave the big bottles in the black trunk too.

Charities and charitable events

If you would like to nominate a local charity and charitable event please use the contact us form and state which charity you would like to nominate.

Spend Grains

All our grains go to Kecksy's Farm in Sawbridgewort as animal feed.