The Art and Science of Aging Beer

Not unlike wine collectors, beer enthusiasts are experimenting with aging beer in home cellars. So far, the process has had mixed results, with some brews having a subtle, but noticeable improvement in taste, while others are downright unpalatable. When choosing a beer to age, avoid beers with a hoppy profile, such as IPAs. Malt beers and imperial stouts are excellent candidates for aging, as are other beers aged by wild organisms. Aging beer comes with a lot of trial and error, and it’s expected that some beer will be wasted in the process. As there are no set rules, it’s best to experiment for oneself to find the perfect age for a brew.

Key Takeaways:

  • Beer enthusiasts are now crafting their own brews in basement breweries.
  • Trial and error are key to home brewing, though there are a few fundamentals that everyone should follow.
  • Beer doesn’t have to be aged but aging can be useful in discovering different flavor profiles.

“Ingredients in certain beers can change with age, giving beer collectors the freedom to play with flavors and tweak beers to their liking.”

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