The Beer Sherpa in Europe

Spending 31 days in 10 cities across Europe makes for a great beer tour. Highlights from England included a Czech-style lager made by ex-pats in London and an imperial stout in Lewes, Sussex. In Brussels, De La Senne’s Zinnebir on cask was a revelation, while in Ghent, it was an oud bruin aged on oak leaves that delighted. A dark lager served with a hearty Lithuanian pork stew hit the spot in Vilnius. Finally, the trip ended in Berlin with Schneeeule Marlene, a Berliner weisse named after Marlene Dietrich.

Key Takeaways:

  • Harvey’s Imperial Stout is one of the best beers available in Manchester, England.
  • Although Poland may not be known for their beers, craft breweries have been leading the charge and are steadily gaining recognition.
  • The rich cultural history of Berlin can be seen within its rich selection of beers.

“So it seems fitting to do an omnibus Sherpa post with my favorite beers from each stop.”

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