Davis Harris, a member of the British Beer Writer’s Guild, has released his annual guide to beer books. He thinks that the decline of new beer books reflects that the market could be saturated. One book that Harris recommended is called The Bucket Beer List by Justin Kennedy. This book is about beer all over the world. It would be great if you are planning a beer vacation. An American book lists 81 different types of beer. Each beer has it’s own page listing the bitterness, style and strength. It is called A Guide to Craft Beers. Mark Dredge wrote a book that discusses the history of beer. He traces the history to Munich in 1280 and then discusses how Heineken will dominate the world with its beer. The book is called A Brief History of Lager. Another book that Harris recommends is called A Beer in the Loire. Tommy Barnes wrote a book about his journey of moving to France and starting a brewery. The next book that is recommended is about beer and its ingredients and how they have evolved through the ages. It is called A Natural History of Beer and is written by Rob DeSalle and Ian Tattersall. The next book is about 50 different beer topics and has articles written by well-known beer writers. The book is called 30 Second Beer and is written by Sophie Atherton. The next book shows different beer styles and matches them with recipes. It is called The Beer Lover’s Table. The last book discusses pubs in England that are gone. It is called It’s the Beer Talk and is written by Ian Clayton.

Key Takeaways:

  • The “Beercation” a standby beer-lover’s book, the “Bucket List Beer,” justifies starting your beer tour in the U.S., by allotting no less than 120 pages to U.S. beer sites.
  • The American guide, “The Guide to Craft Beer,” lists 81 distinct beers, categorized under 15 unique family groupings.
  • Each of the 81 beers is afforded its own specific, full page entry in the “The Guide to Craft Beer.”

“The book is profusely illustrated with high quality colour photos and could provide inspiration for anyone planning a beercation.”

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