The Rise of Real Ale

Beer has been around for decades and even though beer is a popular drink of choice, there isn’t much real ale left out there. As the market increased a lot of businesses took the easier road to mass production and cutting costs rather than keeping their small businesses unique and their ale unique among different styles. Real ale has made a comeback in the way that it is produced. it is produced with much more care, that way people can enjoy real ale again.

Key Takeaways:

  • Campaign for the Revitalisation of Ale (CAMRA) dedicated its’ efforts to improving the quality of beer in the UK.
  • Ale is produced in small batches by numerous small breweries. Drinkers have more choices but from a limited quantity available.
  • Variety in the craft beer industry is the ultimate goal to satisfy the palate of a true beer drinker.

“Apart from the more recent inclusion of bottle- conditioned beer within a wider definition of ‘real ale’, little has changed in the past 40 years – except that it’s become increasingly clear that history is on their side.”

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