The surprising secrets behind the origins of the Fuggle hop uncovered at last

The Fuggle hop is a popular hop for brewing craft beer, and is now over a century old. The Fuggle hop initially had some confusion regarding its origin, as there were multiple people who had the name “Fuggle”. However, a local researcher discovered the exact identity of the original Fuggle, and more history of the hop. Specifics in a newspaper auction article about the original hop revealed that it had been sold in the garden of a local for almost 150 years.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Fuggle variety of beer hops are widely considered to be of high importance to the history of beer.
  • Although an English variety of hops, the Fuggle hop’s genetic predecessors remain a head-scratcher, as it does not appear related to other known English varieties.
  • Turns out a Czech botanist and a Kentish historian have at long last uncoiled the knotty problem of the Fuggle lineage.

“it turns out that everything you have read until now, in every book and article, on the year the Fuggle hop was first launched has been wrong.”

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